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Kit Kat celebrates Ramadan with an Iftar bar

February 29, 2024  
by Food in Canada Staff


Kit Kat relaunches the Iftar bar. This limited-time bar is designed to commemorate the Muslim community’s daily breaking of fast after sundown during Ramadan.

Unlike the standard four-piece bar, the Iftar bar features 30 pieces. The bar is divided into three parts, with each set of 10 pieces representing the 10 days of each Ashra, featuring iconography inspired by the 30 phases of the moon in the Islamic lunar calendar.

“Last year’s Iftar bar resonated widely with Canadians celebrating Ramadan,” says Riona Coller, marketing leader, confectionery, at Nestlé Canada. “We’re thrilled to officially offer a limited run, furthering our community engagement, and embodying the spirit of service during the holy month with proceeds to support Food Banks Canada. We’re honoured to play our part and anticipate many more meaningful celebrations across diverse communities in the years ahead.”

All proceeds from Iftar bar sales will support Food Banks Canada.


The Iftar bar is now available at while supplies last.


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