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Lays potato chip campaign focuses on the farmer

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Marketing effort highlights homegrown potatoes

Toronto, Ont. – Frito Lay Canada wants consumers to know that behind every great bag of Lays potato chips is a great Canadian farmer.

That’s the message behind the company’s new marketing campaign, which focuses on its long-term relationship with Canadian producers and its use of high -quality, 100-per-cent homegrown potatoes.

“Our Lay’s potato farmers are no doubt the secret behind our crispy, fresh-tasting Lay’s potato chips,” says Claudia Calderon, senior Marketing manager for Lay’s. “We work closely together to ensure we’re providing Canadians with a snack that they can feel good eating knowing it comes direct from Canadian soil, right in their own community.”

Mississauga, Ont.-based Frito Lay Canada, part of PepsiCo Foods Canada, sources potatoes from more than 30 farms across 16,000 acres of land in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and P.E.I.


The new marketing campaign will highlight the unique stories of seven different farm families producing for Lay’s. Consumers are also able to track where in the country their potato chips come from, through the company’s website.

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