Food In Canada

Oooh scary!

September 4, 2014  
Food in Canada

Nestlé Canada

Toronto – Just in time for Halloween, Nestlé Canada is bringing back its limited-edition “Scary” bars.

Scaries150x126Four of the company’s popular brands – made in a peanut-free facility – are getting “dressed up” for the occasion: Scaries, ScAero, Coffin Crisp and KIT KAT.

A Scary bar multipack box will retail for $7.69 for eight full-size bars and treat-size single flavour packs will retail for $5.99 for 24 treat-size bars.

In October, the Nestlé treats will also be available in the assorted red box and will retail for $8.99 to $15.99.


Starting this month, the Scary bars are available at grocery, drug and mass merchandise retailers across Canada. 


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