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Libra launches Lime Lager

July 27, 2023  
by FIC staff

Libra Cherry Sour
Lime Lager

Libra Beverage Co., a B-Corp Certified non-alcoholic beverage company, is launching its second summer seasonal, Libra Lime Lager. This refreshing and hydrating buzzless brew has 20 calories and will be available at Sobeys in Atlantic Canada and nationally.

“When it comes to non-alcoholic drinks, Canadians want something that tastes great and helps them stay on top of their game,” says Mitch Cobb, Co-Founder of Libra Beverage Co. “From day one, we wanted to play with different ingredients and create a collection of styles that would satisfy our tastebuds and empower people to be social on their terms. Our first seasonal, Libra Cherry Sour, won an International NY Beer Award, and we know that our fans will enjoy cracking open our Lime Lager this summer.”

Brewmaster and Co-Founder Mike Hogan experimented with different flavour profiles to create a lager with crisp notes of citrus, tart lime and a clean finish. The addition of sea salt rounds out the tart citrus while also helping people stay refreshed on hot summer days.

Libra was created by Mitch Cobb and Mike Hogan, who were in the craft beer business but wanted to socialize without sacrificing their health. The award-winning Libra Pale Ale launched in October 2020, and its flagship styles have won 13+ awards. Libra was also recently named Canadian Brewery of the Year for the Second Year in Row by the New York International Beer Competition.


Libra is currently available at Sobeys across Atlantic Canada, the LCBO in Ontario, and other independent grocers and liquor stores across the country.


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