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Ohly’s launches IP Lime Powder to Prodry line

Ohly’s launched Prodry IP Lime Powder, an authentic lime taste that comes in the form of a powder. This brand new, IP product has also been developed as a direct response to strong market demand.

Prodry IP Lime Powder is made from Identity Preserved limes from California and Latin America with the citrus taste of lime that today’s consumers crave. It’s the ‘go to’ ingredient for your lime flavoured dry formulations and it will make a real difference to your recipes, whether you use it in Guacamole style snacks, tasty dry baking mixes or other applications such as sauces, ready meals or meat and poultry products.

The clean, acidic lime flavour of Prodry IP Lime Powder comes from real lime puree and juice from citrus latifolia and citrus aurantifolia limes. Prodry IP Lime Powder is allergen and gluten-free. It is suitable for vegetarian and vegan products, as well as being Halal and Kosher certified.

The dry powder is convenient to handle during processing and ensures consistency in food preparation. In addition, powders have approximately six times longer shelf life than liquids making them an ideal alternative.

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