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Délimax-Montpak launches new product line

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The Délimax-Montpak group announced the launch of its new consumer brand: Fontaine Family. The product line will be widely available in most major supermarket banners across Canada by the end of the week. Fontaine Family offers a variety of local meat products, including grain-fed veal, GMO-free milk-fed veal, lamb and ready-to-cook products.

“With the new Fontaine Family product line, we want to address consumers directly and help them appreciate the subtle and refined taste of veal, but also raise awareness on the many benefits this lean and nutritious meat provides,” said Montpak president Alex Fontaine. “In order to meet our customers’ needs, we have also created tasty, ready-to-cook products made from fresh meat, preservative-free, gluten-free and containing a minimum of salt. They are quick to cook and have a maximum of five ingredients.”

The launch of the new Fontaine Family brand is the culmination of many years of work and investment. “We really waited until we had all the right elements in place to ensure the success of the launch: farmland, feed production, livestock and processing plants,” explains Donald Fontaine, president of the Delimax-Montpak group’s transportation division.

Délimax-Montpak group is North America’s foremost producer-processor of veal and lamb and have recently added local beef to its product line.  The Québec company goes back two generations and is led by the Fontaine family: brothers Fabien, Donald and Alexandre Fontaine. It owns 105 corporate farms and works with a great many affiliated farms. It also owns 10 processing facilities and has over 1,300 employees at its plants in Canada and the United States.


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