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Watch Webinar: Innovating with Cellular Agriculture

March 11, 2022   Food in Canada

Food and beverage companies are looking to meet increasing consumer demands for healthy, affordable, clean label products manufactured using sustainable practices. From cell-based to upcycled food products, the food industry is constantly evolving and innovating. Join us, as we deconstruct the emerging trends in the food and beverage processing industries in a three-part webinar series.

On April 6, 11:30 a.m. ET, Elaine Corbett, PhD, Director, Sector Innovation and Programs at Ontario Genomics; Dana McCauley, Chief Experience Officer, Canadian Food Innovation Network; Jennifer Côté, CEO & Co-Founder, Opalia; and Mark Juhasz, PhD, Principal and Founder, Harvest Insights, took a deep dive into the world of cellular agriculture, and its potential to disrupt the food industry.

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