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Motif FoodWorks gains exclusive access to key plant-based tech

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Photo: Motif FoodWorks

Motif FoodWorks, a food technology company, gains exclusive access to two technologies that have the potential to address some significant challenges in plant-based foods: achieving melt and stretch in plant-based cheese, and healthier fat that marbleizes in plant-based meat.

Through this expanded collaboration, Motif will have exclusive access to:

Extrudable fat technology: Unique oleogel technology that replicates animal fat, allowing for more authentic fat textures, such as marbling, in plant-based meats—acquired from Coasun; and
Prolamin technology: Uses plant-based ingredients to improve the texture of plant-based cheese, allowing it to melt, bubble and stretch like animal-derived dairy—licensed from the University of Guelph, Ont.

“Today’s plant-based meat and cheese alternatives lack the pleasure associated with eating the real thing. We want to change that at Motif,” said Stefan Baier, Motif’s food science head. “Leveraging two exclusive technologies through our collaboration with Coasun and the University of Guelph, Motif will enable performance in plant-based foods previously unheard of—from plant-based cheese on a sandwich or pizza that actually stretches and melts to plant-based meat with marbleized fat just like a ribeye or a NY strip.”


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