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Food and Beverage Ontario asking provincial government for industrial electricity changes

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Food and Beverage Ontario will be releasing their submission to the Ontario Government’s consultation on industrial electricity rates at the organization’s annual conference on May 28.

FBO is asking the Ontario Government to make electricity bills simpler, lower and predictable so that the electricity a business consumes relates to the amount due on the electricity bill.

“Businesses need predictability in electricity prices to be competitive. Kisko is a GTA-based company that makes freezies and recently we experienced a 23 per cent increase from one electricity bill to the next after consuming less electricity,” said Mark Josephs, CEO, Kisko Products and Food and Beverage Ontario Director.

Food and Beverage Ontario recommendations:

  1. Remove all, or a significant portion, of the costs contained in the Global Adjustment from Ontario businesses’ electricity bills.
  2. Industrial Conservation Initiative sees smaller companies subsidizing larger ones, which FBO stated as unfair.
  3. Increase the transparency and consistency of electricity.

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