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PerkinElmer strip test finds toxic compounds in corn

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PerkinElmer, Inc. announced the launch of its AuroFlow™ AQ Afla strip test, which helps lab professionals, technicians and farmers conduct first-round screening for toxic compounds in corn. The strip test, used with PerkinElmer’s QuickSTAR™ Horizon strip reader, delivers results for mycotoxins, including aflatoxins like B1 B2, G1 and G2, at detection levels of two to 300 parts per billion, in six minutes.

PerkinElmer now offers a comprehensive solution for grain mycotoxin testing across environments – from in-field analysis and small lab settings using strip testing with the handheld reader to analysis at large processors and contract labs leveraging PerkinElmer’s QSight® 400 Series Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer, which analyzes multiple types of mycotoxins in grain products.

PerkinElmer’s AuroFlow AQ Afla strip test and QuickSTAR Horizon strip reader solution features a single-step, water-based extraction method and lateral flow testing at room temperature, enabling safer and easier sampling and removing the need for incubators and centrifuges during analysis. The handheld reader is battery operated and ruggedized, allowing flexible in-field testing. Once results are viewed on the strip reader’s intuitive, menu-driven colour touchscreen, the information is then stored for future access and archiving creating clear and accurate audit trails.


“Mycotoxins are a big issue globally with studies showing over 68 per cent of grains testing positive for these moulds, which can create serious health issues for humans and livestock,” said Greg Sears, vice president and general manager, PerkinElmer.” In the U.S. corn industry alone, losses of $52 million to $1.7 billion can be seen annually from aflatoxins, with this season’s record-setting floods in the Midwest creating even more challenging testing conditions.”

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