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Neogen develops a revised version of its rapid test for gluten

Neogen Corporation has developed a revised version of its rapid test for gliadin (gluten).

Neogen’s new Veratox for Gliadin R5 conforms to the Codex Alimentarius. The new test version uses the Codex Alimentarius recommended R5 gliadin antibody – the critical test element that can capture any possible gliadin proteins in a test sample.

The company says it changed the product to suit the requirements of its expanding customer base. Customers asked for a test that conforms specifically to the Codex Alimentarius, especially to test products destined for international markets.

Like its predecessor, Veratox for Gliadin R5 is intended for the quantitative analysis of in-process ingredients, clean-in-place solutions, and finished products intended to be gluten-free. The test also features a new proprietary gliadin-renaturing cocktail extraction solution.


Gliadin is a protein found in wheat that belongs to a group of alcohol-soluble proteins called prolamins. Gliadin and other prolamins have been identified as major causal agents in a number of disorders, including wheat allergy and gluten intolerance (celiac disease).

Wheat allergy is a specific immune response to a number of wheat proteins, including gliadin, albumin, globulin, and glutenin. Celiac disease is a chronic reaction to gluten proteins that results in the poor absorption of nutrients in the small intestine.

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