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Antioxidant in powder form increases convenience

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DuPont Nutrition and Health announced this week it has launched a new label-friendly antioxidant from naturally sourced mixed tocopherols in a powder form.

Guardian Toco 30p offers manufacturers of cereals and granola bars what’s billed as a convenient, easy-to-use antioxidant protection product when compared to liquid tocopherols.

The powder format can help ease manufacturing concerns such as homogenous distribution, handling, labour-intensive clean up and application equipment costs and limitations, the company says.

“Guardian Toco 30p simplifies the process by incorporating antioxidants into the dry mix and eliminates the need for additional equipment and clean up,” said Luping Ning, group manager, bars/confections/snacks/cereals. “This new antioxidant solution in a cost-effective powder form helps to reduce expenses while improving productivity.”


Shelf-life studies validate the antioxidant activity. In accelerated shelf-life studies of commercial cereal products, using the powdered form at 1000 ppm was found to significantly inhibit oxidation of the cereal as indicated by reduced level of hexanal, while sensory evaluation of the cereals correlated well with hexanal levels.

In a separate accelerated shelf-life study, Guardian Toco 30p was incorporated into the dry mix of extruded oat and corn cereal. Sensory testing at 12 weeks of accelerated storage showed that both 1,200-ppm and 1,500-ppm levels significantly reduced “cardboard” and “painty” flavour attributes.

“Tocopherols enable a consumer-friendly ingredient declaration compared to synthetic antioxidants,” Ning said Monday. “Now cereal and granola brands have a solution that contributes to a positive eating experience by maintaining cereal freshness with greater consumer acceptance, all while contributing to the bottom line.”

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