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A low-sodium solution is ideal for baked goods and cereals

Salt of the Earth Ltd. of Israel has introduced a new low-sodium sea salt ingredient

April 22, 2014   Food in Canada

Bake & Snack Food

Atlit, Israel – Salt of the Earth Ltd. has introduced a low-sodium sea salt ingredient to address food manufacturers’ challenges to reduce sodium in bakery products, such as bread, breakfast cereals and snacks.

The new low-sodium ingredient was developed recently at Salt of the Earth’s R&D centre and was tested in various bread and breakfast cereals. It is available in formats to allow a range of 28% to 66% sodium reduction in formulation.

“The main challenge in sodium reduction is the aftertaste of salt substitutes,” says Aliza Ravizki, R&D manager of Salt of the Earth. “We conducted numerous trials of different mineral sources to solve this problem and finally came up with a tasty, propriety blend of sea salt sourced from the clear waters of the Red Sea, and potassium chloride derived from the Dead Sea. Sea salt contains most of the trace minerals needed for the body. Salt of the Earth’s low-sodium sea salt ingredient enables food manufacturers to reduce the sodium in a formulation, without any negative effect on taste.”

The new, natural low-sodium salt ingredient can be added to the food production process easily, has a long shelf-life and is highly heat-stable. It also contains a minimum of food additives.


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