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Chocolate flavours heat up

Comax Flavors has launched Craveable Chocolate flavours to satisfy consumers' chocolate cravings paired with trending new flavours

April 30, 2014   Food in Canada

Ingredients & Additives

Melville, N.Y. – Consumers and food scientists are pushing the boundaries when it comes to chocolate. Don’t expect the expected anymore. Chocolate is emerging in unexpected places, such as fried chicken, beer, tea and toothpaste.

High in antioxidants and flavonoids, chocolate has been receiving attention for its health benefits. Some studies suggest chocolate promotes heart health, reduces appetite, and even improves blood flow to the brain. Other studies report that the smell of chocolate can trigger relaxation and improve your mood.

In response, Comax Flavors has unveiled a range of Craveable Chocolate flavours to satisfy consumers’ chocolate cravings paired with trending new flavours.

Just a few of the many flavour profiles that Comax offers include Chocolate Huckleberry, Chocolate Rooibos Tea, Chocolate Malt Caramel Cream, Chocolate Sriracha.


These flavours are available in several formulations that can be used in a variety of food and beverage applications, says the company.


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