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Ingredient helps increase food safety

World Technology Ingredients Inc.'s DV is an all-natural, dry antimicrobial that can help increase food safety

May 4, 2015   Food in Canada

Food Safety
Meat &Poultry

Jefferson, Ga. – World Technology Ingredients Inc. offers DV, an all-natural, clean label functional ingredient made of concentrated dry WTIsteak350x198vinegar.

The company says DV extends product shelf-life and inhibits pathogen growth by targeting a broad range of foodborne microbes. It also meets the growing consumer demand for clean-label ingredients.

DV can be mixed or added to seasoning blends. It can also be dissolved in water and used in brines for injection, surface applications, as direct addition or in coating systems.

DV inhibits the growth of Listeria monocytogenes, molds, yeasts and spoilage organisms. It also enhances the natural flavors of both raw and fully cooked meat and poultry products.


DV is a free-flowing powder available in bags. 


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