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Ingredion Incorporated's new non-GMO starches, the Precisa 600 starch series solutions, improve functionality in imitation, processed and analogue cheese

April 29, 2015   Food in Canada

Westchester, Ill. – Ingredion Incorporated, a provider of ingredient solutions, has a new line of high-performing, non-PastaCarbonara350x233GMO starches. The line is called Precisa 600.

The company says Precisa 600 can improve functionality in imitation, processed and analogue cheese.

Using the company’s proprietary Dial-In Texture Technology, the Precisa 600 series is designed to help manufacturers reduce the use of costly dairy proteins in imitation cheese products, allowing manufacturers to save 15 to 25 per cent of their overall formulation costs and still achieve a good melt, stretch and shred.

The Precisa 600 series features new starches with differentiated functionality, providing manufacturers with a number of solutions to address varying formulation and process needs, including:


• better viscosity control, elasticity and spreadability;
• optimized firmness for shredding;
• a slower/faster gelling rate; and
• improved melting and emulsification.

Precisa 600 is ideal in pizza cheese and shreds to slices an spreads. It allows for optimized protein content in imitation mozzarella, spreadably cheese, analogue block, analogue slice on slice, and optimized protein and fat content in analogue spreadable cheese and imitation cheese sauces. 


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