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Döhler GmbH offers its range of Blossom Flavours that are natural and offer innovative application solutions

September 23, 2014   Food in Canada

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Darmstadt, Germany – Döhler GmbH offers its line of Blossom Flavours for food and beverages.

Lavender181x74Hints of rose, lavender and hibiscus are among some of the big trends today, says the company.

Döhler’s portfolio of blossom flavours includes both natural flavours and From the Named Source (FTNS) extracts from a wide range of blossoms.

The portfolio also includes elderflower, jasmine, chamomile, apple blossom, geranium, orange blossom, lotus, cherry blossom and violet.


Some of the applications include carbonated soft drinks, yogurt, wine mixes, tea drinks, water beverages and still drinks.


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