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New Hygienic Gear Pumps offer easy maintenance

New Hygienic Gear Pumps from Viking Pump offer truly hygienic models suitable for dairy, egg and meats

Cedar Falls, Iowa – The new Hygienic Series Internal Gear Pumps available from Viking Pump Inc. are the easy-maintenance solution for pumping food, pharma and personal care products.

Internal gear pumps have been used for more than 100 years on low-hazard foods like chocolate, confectionary, HygienicSeriesVikingPump200x155oils and sweeteners, and are now available in truly hygienic models suitable for dairy, egg, meat, processed foods and more.

This new series of positive displacement pumps, from one to 320 GPM, has only one shaft and one shaft seal. It eliminates the need for timing gears and one of the two shaft seals found in most hygienic pumps – simplifying and reducing costs of installation, operation and maintenance.

These pumps are authorized to display the 3A Sanitary Standards Symbol for Centrifugal and Positive Rotary Pumps (3-A Sanitary Standard #02-09), a globally recognized standard for hygiene within the food and dairy industries.


With radiused internal angles, polished stainless steel surfaces, O-ring sealed joints and a behind-the-rotor seal, the pump eliminates areas of product entrapment. Its’ easy-to-remove head, rotor and front-loading seal enables Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) cleaning methods.

This series offers opposite (in-line) porting in either horizontal or vertical (for self-draining) configurations, as well as 90-degree ports for mounting directly under tanks with side discharge. ANSI-compatible flange ports are available as drop-in replacements for existing Viking pumps and others with a common footprint. Seal options include single or double O-ring seals and single or double mechanical seals. Jacketing options are available for melting chocolate and other solids before startup.


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