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Easy test for Campylobacter

The new Singlepath Direct Campy Poultry Lateral Flow Kit from EMD Millipore offers results within two hours

Darmstadt, Germany – EMD Millipore offers its new Singlepath Direct Campy Poultry Lateral Flow Kit for rapid on-site immunological screening of Campylobacter in poultry.

The system will soon be available in North America.

The kit requires no prior enrichment step and can deliver results within two hours, allowing financially relevant logistical decisions to be taken earlier.

This easy-to-use “mini-laboratory” contains everything needed for testing: the test device, tubes, a pipette, sample buffer and sample diluent.

It resembles a pregnancy test and includes a built-in control reaction for increased result reliability. The company says there’s no need to outsource testing (and wait several days for the results) or to invest in capital-intensive instrumentation.

Testing for Campylobacter is a useful monitoring tool for on-farm biosafety and in slaughterhouse risk management.

Food in Canada

Food in Canada

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