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Ingredient creates opportunities

Sensus America offers its Sensus oligofructose, which studies have found to improve the taste profile of stevia

Lawrenceville, N.J. – Sensus America Inc. offers its Sensus oligofructose, which can be used to improve the taste profile of stevia. The ingredient can help the food industry to create tasty, naturally sweetened yogurts.

Sensus America says it investigated the sensory characteristics of stevia in combination with Frutalose oligofructose syrup.

Due to the synergy between the two, the company found it’s possible to reduce sugar levels without compromising on sweetness and taste.

Specifically, Frutalose oligofructose was able to mask the aftertaste of stevia in dairy products like plain low-fat spoonable yogurt and plain drinking yogurt.


It also appears possible to significantly improve the taste profile similar to sucrose by reducing sucrose and optimizing oligofructose and stevia levels.

To arrive at these findings, Sensus America developed a computer model to calculate and optimize the taste profile in yogurt and other applications.


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