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Food in Canada’s consumer panel reviews Popchips’ new ketchup flavour

Popchips Inc. has added ketchup flavour to its lineup of popped all-natural potato snacks. The new variety offers a bold, sweet ketchup taste with a hint of tang at the finish. With all the flavour but less than half the fat of fried potato chips, gluten-free Popchips are a healthier snack option. One 23-g, single-serving bag contains just 100 calories, with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Here’s what our taste-testing panel had to say:

Male, 37, carpenter

“I was expecting the usual ‘OMG my mouth is puckering!’ ketchup flavour that usually reminds me why I don’t purchase this particular flavour. But these chips did not have the strong ketchup taste. It was pleasant ketchup flavour that was as understated as the chip manufacturer’s choice of not using capitals anywhere on the package. Nice, light, airy… and I wanted more. Also, at 100 calories for a 23-g bag – yum.”


Female, account manager, 25

“I tried the ketchup flavoured Pop Chips. I was pleasantly surprised. They were light, crunchy and not greasy. They tasted like a mix between a cracker and a chip, but with a lighter, healthier type feel. After eating them, I didn’t get that gross feeling in my stomach that you get when you eat a regular bag of chips. I am not a huge fan of ketchup, but the concept of the chips themselves isn’t bad – if it was a different flavour I’m sure I would have enjoyed them even more. Not something I would eat everyday, but for an alternative to higher-fat junk food, it would definitely be something I would consider buying.”

Male, 50, sales manager

“Nice, light flavour, not too coated with ketchup powder, and just the right amount of crunch. A good snack, but there are too few in the bag.”

Female, 40-something, receptionist

“I wouldn’t usually choose ketchup-flavoured anything, so I was skeptical about what to expect. I do like Popchips in general, so I knew they’d be light and crispy tasting, which they are. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour – it wasn’t too strong, with just the right amount of spiciness. I’m not sure I would chose this flavour over the original though.”

Male, 40-something, cameraman

“These were really good. I almost devoured the whole bag – in a few seconds before anyone else had a chance to try them. Not too salty. Very crunchy. I’d try other flavours.”

Female, 30-something, art director

“The Popchips flavour in ketchup was light, flavourful and surprisingly satisfying. Other brands of chips in this flavour tend to be overpowering, however this brand was just the right amount of ketchup goodness.”

Female, 40, writer

“I really liked these. Looking at them, I couldn’t decide what to think. They don’t look like chips and they don’t look like crackers. They’re definitely distinctive. And they’re so crispy and light. The ketchup flavour doesn’t taste too sharp or too sweet. It has the right amount of tanginess. I also really liked these because they didn’t have the greasiness you find with regular potato chips. As for sodium, I’m not sure how these compare. But they taste so good. They’re a little pricey, but I’d buy them. I feel less guilty about eating them.”

Male, 6

“Mmmm. I like these. Why can’t I have more? They’re so crunchy.”

Female, 60-something, flight attendant

“I don’t usually like chips or anything too salty. But these are really tasty. Very crispy and light. I like that they’re a little ‘healthier,’ though I’m still skeptical. I think I’d like to try other flavours, something plainer.”

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