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Taste Test: Consumer Product Reviews

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Food in Canada's consumer panel reviews Happy Planet's Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

Food in Canada’s consumer review panel samples select new products in the Canadian marketplace. This time we’re trying Happy Planet’s Chocolate Banana Protein Shake.

The new Chocolate Banana Protein Shake from Happy Planet features 37 g of non-GMO soy protein from organic whole beans and eight essential nutrients. The tasty shake is high in iron, non-dairy, and is a source of vitamin D and potassium. In addition, the drink contains antioxidants from cacao, and vitamin B6, vitamin C and magnesium from bananas, making it ideal as a after workout recovery beverage or as a between-meal energy boost. The Protein Shake is available in a 946-mL recyclable bottle.

Female, 40-something, editor
“I love this drink! It’s a perfect after-exercise beverage due to the protein and the antioxidants, and the taste is delicious – rich chocolate, bananas and a slight nutty flavour. Since I only drink about half after a workout I’d like it if it was available in a smaller size as well.”

Female, 11
“Blah, I don’t like this at all. I thought it would taste like chocolate milk, but it tastes too chocolatey – like dark chocolate – and the bananas spoil the flavour. It has a weird aftertaste too.”


Male, 48, area sales manager
“Tastes good, I like it. I drank this while doing yard work, and found it refreshing and energizing. I don’t usually drink soy milk, so I’m surprised I like it. I’d buy this again.”

Female, 30-something, teacher
“I never have these drinks, so I wasn’t too sure what to make of this when I saw it. I wasn’t even too keen on the smell of it. And then I tried it. I loved it!! It’s not too creamy and the banana flavour mixes so nicely with the chocolate. I’m no athlete and I always assumed drinks like these were meant for them. But I decided to have this before a spin class and it was great. I usually burn out mid-way, but I didn’t this time. So I drank it again before another spin class and the same thing. I’m convinced it boosted my energy. It’s light and left no off aftertaste. Does it come in smaller sizes? I’ll buy it.”

Male, 4 1/2
“Mmm. Yummy. I like it. This is good. Can we have it every day? It tastes like chocolate milk. Yes!”

Male, 30-something, cameraman
“I loved it. Tastes just like chocolate milk but a little creamier and without any stomach cramps afterward. It’s also not too sweet. It’s shocking to see that it’s actually good for you. My four-year-old son loves it too, and unlike other ‘treats’ I didn’t feel guilty about giving him some of this to try.”

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