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McCormick unveils Flavour of the Year

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McCormick releases the 24th edition of its Flavour Forecast, an annual report illuminating the latest culinary trends shaping the way people prepare and enjoy food worldwide. With this year’s report, McCormick announces its 2024 Flavour of the Year: Tamarind.

Tamarind, a spice native to Africa, India, and the Middle East, has lent its acidic, tangy-sweet flavour to Latin, Caribbean, and Mexican cuisines for centuries.

Other flavour predictions and trends identified in the brand’s forecast include:

Sour power: From tamarind to coconut vinegar, acidic agents are stepping into the spotlight to open our senses, boost craveability, and even help “cook” without heat.


Thoughtfully borrowed: Authenticity encompasses background, heritage, and experiences; with it comes a reinvention of regional-traditional cooking. Starting with a dash of something that’s “you”, these conscious cultural combinations pay homage and respect to both roots and backgrounds, creating a celebration of flavour, experience, and cuisine.

Indulgence redefined: A source of pleasure, ritual, and community, indulgence comes in all shapes and forms. From time of day to season, flavour sensations link to emotions, memories, and all lived experiences. From a crisp, light ceviche to an over-the-top breakfast poutine, it’s about how we treat ourselves through flavour, texture, and ingredients that make us happy. Two ways this trend comes to life are through ‘newstalgic’ and food maximalism.

Newstaglic: What’s old is new again, with restaurants re-introducing childhood favourites with a gourmet twist.

Food maximalism: By layering flavours and textures in creative, fun, and always thoughtful ways, you can experience flavour to the max.

“For nearly 25 years, McCormick has forecasted global flavour trends through our Flavour Forecast report. After all this time, there is still no shortage of trends to uncover which allow us to continue to shake up the way people cook, flavour, and eat.” said Tabata Gomez, chief marketing officer at McCormick.

“This year, we’re thrilled for people to experience the taste, versatility and tang of tamarind,” said Hadar Cohen Aviram, executive chef and senior manager, culinary development, U.S. Consumer at McCormick. “It is the perfect ingredient to incorporate in savoury and sweet dishes.”

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