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What makes cheese go bad

Scientists hope to identify changes that lead to spoilage

July 31, 2011  
by Food in Canada staff

Food Safety

Geneva, Switzerland – Scientists in Switzerland are developing a method to identify microbial communities present in food in the hope they can identify changes that lead to spoilage, reports

The team will explore the causes of cheese spoilage using genomic sequencing to identify differences in microbial organisms in cheeses that have gone bad.

The story goes on to report that the scientists will identify both the type and level of organisms present in both the spoiled and unspoiled cheeses. The team will then investigate differences in the samples of spoiled and unspoiled cheeses to identify microbial changes that may play important roles in the spoilage process.

The long-term plan is to use the methods and technologies used on cheeses and apply them to research other foods.



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