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Mocon introduces its new screening system for bacterial detection in food

Mocon Inc., a provider of permeation testing instruments and laboratory services, package integrity, shelf-life evaluation, package cost reduction, sustainability and package safety, has introduced its GreenLight 900 Series.

The company says its GreenLight 900 can help users determine bacterial levels in hours instead of days.

Mocon, in association with Luxcel Biosciences, says it has overcome the limitations of the conventional agar plate for testing Total Vial Count (TVC), also known as Aerobic Plate Count (APC).

The GreenLight 900 Series is a low-cost system, which can reduce labour and materials while providing microbiological analysis in just hours – an improvement over the traditional agar plate method (ISO: 4833:2003).


The GreenLight 900 Series can allow producers to test at any stage of production with same day results.

The test method is ideally suited for meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, produce and other food products. It can also be used to test for facility hygiene.

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