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Griffith Laboratories says its Micocin product can inhibit the growth of bacteria

Micocin is a product from Griffith Laboratories, which the company says can recognize, target and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Griffith Laboratories explains that Micocin is a targeted solution that can reduce the risk of Listeria outbreak and food product recall by controlling the growth of Listeria in packaged meat products.

Micocin was developed from a strain of naturally-occurring bacteria, Carnobacteria maltaromaticum, which produces a bacteriocin that is especially effective against Listeria monocytogenes.

This food technology was developed into a variety of products by CanBiocin, a company formed by a team from the University of Alberta in partnership with Griffith Laboratories.


Micocin is a superfine powder that is diluted in water and then precisely deposited onto foods during the packaging process. This creates an environment in which Listeria cannot thrive – creating an effective protection for foods.

Micocin was just recently approved for sale by Health Canada.

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