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U.S. consumers get cracking: report

By Food in Canada staff   

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The market for eggs in the U.S. is strong with most households consuming them

Chicago – A market research firm says that eggs are such a staple in most households even price fluctuations won’t affect most consumers’ buying habits.

But, says Mintel in its recent report, 30 per cent of consumers eat fewer eggs than they would like simply because they’re concerned about cholesterol.

Other findings include:

• 94 per cent of all U.S. households consume eggs.
• 92 per cent of consumers agree that eggs are an important part of a healthy diet.
• 57 per cent don’t feel organic eggs are any healthier for you than regular ones.



For food processors, says Mintel, the results of the report point to some major opportunities – most of which lie with the over-55 age group.

Many of these older consumers are dealing with heart-health issues and limit egg consumption because of the cholesterol.

Mintel says this group of consumers is a prime target for low-cholesterol eggs and egg substitutes. They can also be reminded that cholesterol levels in eggs have decreased.

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