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PRANA’s water-smart almonds lower water consumption

May 22, 2019  
Food in Canada

Food In Canada

PRANA, the organic Canadian snack food brand has introduced water-smart almonds, which are sourced from Spanish suppliers who use natural irrigation (i.e. water from rainfall to irrigate orchards).

The sourced almonds, grown without artificial water sources, are eco-friendly snacks, high in fibre and protein. The water savings is an estimated equivalent of 700 Olympic-sized swimming pools of fresh water a year.

Over the past several years, almond production in California (which still produces 80 per cent of the world’s supply) has come under fire due to the large amount of water used.

PRANA’s snacks are 100 per cent organic, which avoids negative impacts of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers on our soil, our water and our air. Vegan ingredients reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as water and fossil fuels usages.


Water-smart almonds:

  • Lower water consumption
  • Use of natural irrigation processes in Spain
  • High protein and high fibre nut source
  • Almond shells are turned into renewable energy to fuel the farm operations


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