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Canadian rye named World Whisky of the Year

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye has been named Jim Murray's 2016 World Whisky of the Year, marking the first time a Canadian whisky has received the honour

(CNW Group/Diageo Canada)

(CNW Group/Diageo Canada)

World-renowned whisky writer Jim Murray has named Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye as the 2016 World Whisky of the Year. This marks the first time a Canadian whisky has received this honour.

“Crown Royal Northern Harvest pops up out of nowhere and changes the game,” says Murray. “It certainly puts the rye into Canadian Rye. To say this is a masterpiece is barely doing it justice.”

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye was first released in Canada in the fall of 2015, but according to a press release from Diageo Canada, the variant showcases the distinctly Canadian rye whisky featured in the traditional Crown Royal Deluxe Blend that’s been popular for more than 75 years.

As the latest variant to be introduced by Crown Royal, Northern Harvest Rye (45 per cent ABV) is the brand’s first ever blended, 95-per-cent rye whisky.

“We couldn’t be more proud that Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye is the first Canadian whisky to be named World Whisky of the Year,” says Alistair Kidd, brand director, Whisky at Diageo Canada. “Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye showcases the rye whisky that is integral to making Canadian whisky unique, and is a testament to the incredible distilling and blending that takes place in Gimli, Manitoba, the home of Crown Royal.”

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  1. Having been in the food and beverage industry since the early nineteen-seventies Rye became eventually just brown goods well out of out of anyone cable’s length of desirability. And frankly a lot of it was of rot-gut status so it backed itself into its own corner and stayed there. Then along comes great tasting Bourbon appearing and frankly some real solid ones are out there easily mixed with a good brandy and/or cognac to allow both entities to marry into one. But Canadian Rye still beats them all and finally someone woke up and realized Canadians like their rye and Bourbon was really beating the “stuffing” out of Rye. There is already great Canadian Rye out there to choose from as I write this ready to be enjoyed the way as you like it!
    Anyone who reads the related magazines to the industry knows Canadian Rye is now getting its due and finishing it in different casks, blends, aging potential,using natural flavoring and strengths will give Canada its true place in rye supremacy on the world stage. And consequently THE CROWN ROYAL RYE is a great way to take that deserving crown pun royally intended. We just took a little too long to wake up as Bourbon was the reason for the season of Rye to come roaring back. And I am glad it did and now these qualities of rye can be enjoyed responsibly neat when the rye is already perfect and right on the first pour into the glass. And a touch of cognac well why not? Let me count the ways because move over Scotland…………… Scotch has a new rival Canadian Rye.

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