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Protein Powered Farms acquires Lovingly Made Ingredients

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Protein Powered Farms acquires Lovingly Made Ingredients (Calgary, Alta.), which operates an extrusion facility dedicated to plant-based products. Their textured proteins made from pulses and other crops offer high-protein, clean-flavour ingredients.

The Calgary-based facility was constructed in 2021 and was initially owned by U.K.-based Meatless Farms of the UK.

Lovingly Made will continue to offer customized blends of plant proteins—size, source, content, and application. It will also be providing pea and faba proteins for dairy-free applications, beverages, crisps, and snacks. It will also be adding a range of fibre products based on pulses. The facility will be open for co-manufacturing opportunities. 

Chris Shields, president of Lovingly Made Ingredients, said, “I am delighted with the acquisition. The vertical integration adds an additional layer of expertise and ensures a strong future for the business. The Protein Powered Farms team has a wealth of experience that will drive further innovation and maintain a customer-focused business.” 


Heidi Dutton, CEO of Protein Powered Farms of Saskatoon, said, “This acquisition will allow Lovingly Made Ingredients to continue to serve its customers with the exceptional ingredients they have come to know and love, but also with an expanded portfolio that includes dairy-free applications and functional proteins, starches, and fibres made from peas, lentils, and faba beans. Protein Powered Farms owns and operates the largest dry fractionation facility in Canada; together, we bring a vertically integrated ingredient supplier of extruded plant-based proteins, starches, and fibres. The combination of these strengths will allow us better to meet the growing needs of our client base and extend our commitment to providing exceptional ingredients for plant-based solutions.” 

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