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Another plant-based protein business launches in Calgary – Lovingly Made Ingredients

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Lovingly Made Ingredients, the ingredient manufacturing division of European market leader The Meatless Farm, is beginning production at their new 33,000 ft2 Calgary-based facility. Using innovative ingredients, equipment and processes, the company and their unique textured plant protein is positioned to help meet the increasing consumer demand and need to sustainably feed a growing population.

“The exceptional farming standards and investment into plant protein research really drew us to the Canadian market for this opportunity,” says Chris Shields, Lovingly Made Ingredients Vice President of Manufacturing. “We zeroed in on Calgary because we see it as one of the best places to live and work, which fits with the talent we want to attract to our company.”
The textured proteins made from sustainably sourced pulses and other crops offer high-protein, clean-flavour ingredients and are tremendously useful for a variety of food applications. In dry form, textured protein appears as chunks or shreds, offering great texture plus protein in snacks, cereals, toppings and coatings. When hydrated, textured proteins work well as plant-based meat analogues or alternatives because of the chewy texture. These versatile products also can add functional protein in bakery, snacks, soups, sauces, ready-meal formulations.

“Our business is about finding solutions for our customers,” says Shields. “We offer customized blends of plant proteins—size, source, content, application—we are nimble and responsive to our customer’s needs. We understand that development takes time, and we’re poised to accelerate the entrance of new businesses into this market as well as transform quality in existing formulations.”

Lovingly Made Ingredients will be working directly with contracted farmers to support the agriculture sector and sustainable farming practices throughout North America. “Sustainability, quality and transparency are woven into everything we do at Lovingly Made Ingredients,” says Shields. “We love food, we love the prairies, and we want to get to know our producers and connect people with their food again.”


Lovingly Made Ingredients was pleased to work with engineering and construction firms Dice Plant Maintenance and Engelhart Reed on the new state-of-the-art processing facility with an annual capacity of 6,000 metric tons designed and supplied by the Buhler group. The company is working towards certified B-Corporation status after 12 months of production and has a mission to offset their facilities’ carbon emissions to as close to zero as possible.

“I want us to be a force for good, not only for our customers, but to the community, our team, and to our primary producers. Our vision is big,” says Shields.

Lovingly Made Ingredients produces textured plant-based proteins and starches to create unique properties for use in a variety of industries, including meat analogues, bakery, snacks and cereals.

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