Food In Canada

Blueberry Producers Receive Funding

December 22, 2009  
by Food in Canada staff

Business Operations

The federal government has given $49,000 to the B.C. Blueberry Council. The money is funded through the AgriMarketing program, a government initiative designed to help producers and processors market their products internationally.

The B.C. Blueberry Council, which represents more than 650 highbush blueberry growers in Canada producing 95 per cent of all blueberries in the country, will use the funds to support its business strategy and market research, and to promote Canadian blueberries globally.

Canada exported 9,840 metric tonnes of fresh cultivated blueberries and 21,621 metric tonnes of frozen cultivated blueberries in 2008, with a total value of almost $130 million.



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