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New wheat protein isolate is suitable for baked goods

Archer Daniels Midland’s Prolite 100 Wheat Protein Isolate can enhance reduced-sugar baked goods, cereals, cluster bars and other processed foods.

The company says it can also improve freeze-thaw performance in frozen-to-oven applications, while delivering fresh taste and texture.

Prolite 100 can also reduce or replace egg or dairy proteins in a variety of baked or processed foods and can form a foam when whipped with water. These features help make Prolite suitable for applications requiring texture and mouthfeel, such as desserts, sauces, fillings and cakes.

The company’s Prolite 200 can offer firmer texture than Prolite 100, but it has a softer and lighter texture than traditional wheat gluten ingredients.


The company says Prolite 200 is suitable for traditional and better-for-you applications. It can form an elastic dough in water, but is not as functional as wheat gluten, making it able to enhance cakes, cookies, brownies and whole-grain products.

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