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Reduce salt

A new tomato concentrate can be used for salt-taste enhancement

LycoRed of Israel has introduced LycoRed SANTE, a patented and natural tomato concentrate.

The company says LycoRed is designed to enhance taste and flavour in place of artificial flavour components or flavour enhancers. SANTE can be used for salt taste enhancement and reduction of expensive, flavour components in food products.

LycoRed’s food scientists have separated out and concentrated all the taste enhancing components that exist naturally in the tomato.

LycoRed SANTE is available in liquid form or as a free-flowing powder. It is heat resistant, stable at almost all pH levels and is suitable for ambient, frozen, baked, cooked and fried products including pizza topping. LycoRed SANTE can be mixed directly into dough or food mixes, applied as a seasoning, dusted on or even applied with a brush.

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