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Ingredient can mean using less salt

LycoRed’s Sante is revamped and means reducing sodium by up to 30 per cent

March 17, 2012  
by Food in Canada staff

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Orange, N.J. – LycoRed of Israel has adapted its natural enhancer for boosting flavour in powdered and canned soups.

Called Sante, the ingredient means soup makers can now eliminate the use of MSG and similar less-desirable ingredients and reduce salt in their products.

The company says Sante is a concentration of all of the tastes and flavouring components that exist naturally in tomatoes to deliver true umami and kokumi taste characteristics.

By using only a small amount of Sante in canned and prepared soup formulations, processors can boost their soups’ overall flavour and reduce the sodium they use by up to 30 per cent.


The company adds that Sante can also allow for the replacement of a wide variety of artificial flavour enhancers and help improve overall taste balance.

Sante can smooth out rough, unbalance and peaky tastes. It can also extend the perceived flavour’s dwell time on the palate, improve mouthfeel and texture.


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