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L.V. Lomas distributes the Empure, a clean label potato starch, and Emglucan, a waxy winter barley

Brampton, Ont. – Demands of consumers concerning food products they buy are increasing all the time. They expect simple, quick preparation. Above all the range of products has to appeal in terms of taste and look, and should also fulfill nutritional criteria required.

The Emsland Group products can provide outstanding functional value in the food sector.

Empure Clean Label Potato Starch
The Empure product range provides the label advantage of native starch with the performance of a modified starch. In comparison to native potato starch, the Empure products can provide enhanced sheer, acid, heat and freeze thaw stability. The clean label starches can be used in a variety of applications including fruit fillings, sauces and desserts. Both instant and cook up starches are available.

Emglucan – Waxy Winter Barley – Rich in Beta Glucans
Emglucan contains beta glucans and can be used to support health claims. Beta Glucans support the reduction of blood cholesterol levels, risk of colon cancer and risk of type II diabetes.
Typical application areas include bakery, soups and sauces, batters and coatings. Emglucan shows good freeze-thaw stability and improvement of fat-binding or emulsion supporting properties.


Emsland products are distributed exclusively in Canada by L.V. Lomas.

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