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Facilities Maintenance American Key Food Products

AKFP adds new ingredients to its “clean label” offerings

American Key Food Products has expanded the line of natural, clean label ingredients it distributes.

The new ingredients are arrowroot starch and native pea starch. Native pea starch is a viable alternative to native potato starch in several applications, and exhibits characteristics very similar to native potato starch and has neutral taste and colour. Because of its higher amylase content and higher gelatinization temperature relative to corn, tapioca and potato native starches, it shows stability in high temperature cooking and under variances in pH levels.  It also manifests good resistance to shearing.

Native pea starch can be used as an alternative in foods such as meat and seafood. Pea starch also improves crispiness and volume in extruded snacks.

Arrowroot starch is a light starch that gelatinizes at lower temperatures than corn starch and is not weakened by acidic ingredients, the company says.  It can be used as a thickener for acidic foods.  Arrowroot starch also makes clear and smooth gels and is useful in gluten-free baking.


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