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Company offers cocoa without the fat

By Food in Canada magazine staff   

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ADM Cocoa’s new deZaan reduce fat cocoa powder offers the flavour and colour of chocolate but with virtually no fat

Decatur, Ill. – ADM Cocoa unveiled its new product, deZaan reduced fat cocoa powder with only 0.5 per cent fat.

ADM says the new D-00-ZR retains the same chocolaty taste of deZaan ZR cocoa powders but has virtually no fat.

The company says the new powder allows users to formulate lower calorie products with lower saturated fat contents, and still have the desired chocolaty taste and bright chocolate colour.

D-00-ZR can also enhance the quality of formulations where fat can have a negative effect, such as protein foam-based confectionery and bakery products.


D-00-ZR is also compatible with more delicately textured products such as meringue and sponge cakes. The company says D-00-ZR allows these products to hold their light structure. Normally, a reduced fat cocoa powder causes these products to lose structural properties.

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