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Upcycled Protein Smoothies from Dose Juice

June 18, 2018  
Food in Canada

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Dose Juice of Montreal has launched a new line of products: Upcycled Protein Smoothies. And it’s introduced a clever way to reduce waste.

The company explains that as it grew its main business of making organic cold-pressed juices, there was “an overload of organic pulp.”

Rather than just dispose of the pulp, the company is using it as an ingredient in their new smoothies. The move reduces waste and the pulp adds a natural source of fibre to its smoothies.

The smoothies come in four flavours: Mango, beet & gogi; Mango, carrot & turmeric; Banana, strawberry & flax; and Pineapple, spinach & chlorella.


Each plant-based smoothie is rich in fibre (between 20 per cent to 27 per cent of your daily fibre requirement), contains plant proteins (10 g) and vitamins, and comes in a 300-mL bottle. No soy or dairy is added, and no heat pasteurization is used.



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