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New vacuum filler for the dairy industry

Handtmann’s new purpose-built VF 800 D vacuum filler represents a new era in dairy vacuum fillers and a new long-term focus on the dairy industry


Handtmann US and its Canadian operations are now offering the new VF 800 D vacuum filler series for the dairy industry.

The company says the VF 800 D vacuum filler has received 3-A Certificate Authorization #3615 for conforming to 3-A Sanitary Standards #2306 (Equipment for Packaging Viscous Products).

The VF 800 D integrates several advancements to create an entirely new approach to vacuum filling, says the company’s website.

The system:
-includes improved performance and additional functions on demand;
-is compatible with many auxiliary machines and automation solutions;
-has various hopper version for a wide variety of applications;
-has a mobile heating unit for products that are filled when warm or hot; and
-has automation options for more efficient feeding.

The company says the VF 800 D has several advantages, including the gentle feed principle, reliable portioning under vacuum, automatically monitored product quality, a high level of food safety and variable grinder speed, regardless of transport speed.

The VF 800 D also has numerous hygiene advantages, accuracy advantages and maintenance advantages.



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