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Oat Canada and Roquette partner to develop novel oat ingredients

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Protein Industries Canada invests in a project between Oat Canada, an oat-based food and beverage company, and Roquette, a supplier of plant-based ingredients. This $4.1 million project will see the development of novel oat ingredients and nutritionally superior oat-based food and beverage products.

“As more and more Canadians are turning to plant-based beverages, it is important that Canada can process dairy-alternative products all along the supply chain,” said François-Philippe Champagne, minister of innovation, science and industry. “This partnership between the Protein Industries Supercluster, Oat Canada and Roquette will help ensure that Canadians have access to plant-based foods and beverages that use crops grown and processed in Canada.”

“Oats account for a good part of Canada’s crops used in the production of plant-based beverages and ingredients. This project will increase oat-processing capabilities within the country, a value-added economic activity in Canada. It will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with exporting raw oats and importing oat ingredients. Processing more oats in Canada means greater choice for Canadians and a stronger supply chain,” said Marie-Claude Bibeau, minister of agriculture and agri-food.

The growing global demand for new plant-based products developed using sustainable processes has led to an increased drive for innovation among Canada’s agrifood sector, including an increase in domestic processing of Canadian crops, such as oats. This project builds on Canada’s worldwide reputation as one of the largest producers of oats, now elevating Canada’s capacity to processing and diversifying oat utility.

“Creating an oat milk that is actually nutritious meant collaborating with industry leaders and inventing entirely new technology,” said Jamari Ambursley, co-founder/COO of Oat Canada.

“Through our partnership with Oat Canada and the support of Protein Industries Canada, we are well positioned to continue our innovation and research on oat protein with the goal of meeting consumer demand for new and exciting plant-based food options,” said said Leon Zhou, head of research and development for Roquette Americas.

Leveraging this large supply and its strong reputation as an innovator, Roquette will develop Canada’s first oat-protein ingredient through the project. Oat Canada will test the ingredient in its current line of products as well as in several new products. The companies’ combined expertise will help meet the growing demand for healthy, sustainable plant-based foods and ingredients, including among Canadian consumers.

“Increasing our domestic ingredient processing capacity is one of the most important steps in strengthening Canada’s economy and food supply chain, as well as the health of our environment,” said Protein Industries Canada CEO Bill Greuel. “By processing and utilizing more of our plant-based ingredients at home, companies like Oat Canada and Roquette are helping reduce our sector’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, while supplying Canadians—and consumers around the world—with healthy, sustainable food options. Together, they’re creating a healthier, stronger and more sustainable Canada for everyone along the value chain.”

The partnership will further Oat Canada’s commitment to producing dairy alternative food and beverage products made with Canadian oats that are high in protein, low in sugar and deliver maximum nutritional value to Canadian consumers and beyond.

For Roquette, this partnership will provide new opportunities related to the research and development of oat protein technology.

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