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Manitoba meat processor receives funding

October 20, 2010   by Food in Canada staff


A Manitoba meat processor has received funding from the federal government to purchase and install an incinerator and handling equipment.

Berscheid Meats of The Pas will use the equipment to dispose specified risk material from the company’s own slaughter facility and from nearby communities.

The federal and provincial governments say producers and processors in The Pas have been working hard to reinvigorate their businesses.


The facility will help support the slaughter of beef and other ruminates in the region and serve the local slaughter industry and the solid waste disposal needs of the neighbouring communities in a safe and environmentally acceptable way.

The system will reduce the amount of animal/organic matter that would normally arrive at the local landfill.

It will also help with any future needs for the disposal of animals that could be required due to disease or market interruptions.

The financial partnership for this project includes a 60/40 federal/provincial contribution of $360,810 from the governments of Canada and Manitoba. Berscheid Meats provided 25 per cent of the total project cost.


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