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Major Meat Packer Receives $2.09 Million

By Food in Canada staff   

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Toronto-based Ryding-Regency Meat Packers Ltd. is receiving a $2.09-million federal investment to help the company improve operations and capture new markets for Canadian farmers.

The facility, which processes beef, veal and lamb, is the second-largest federally inspected abattoir in Ontario. It exports its products throughout Canada and into the north-eastern U.S.

With the help of the investment, Ryding-Regency will be able to modernize it’s operations, including installing more efficient systems on production lines, and an upgraded computer tracking system. The changes will help the company reduce costs, increase efficiency and be better positioned to capture new niche markets locally and internationally.

The improvements will also ensure Canada’s agriculture sector remains self-sufficient and less reliant on long-haul shipments for slaughter.

The investment comes through the $60-million federal Slaughter Improvement Program, and is part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.

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