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Health Canada recommends amendment to regulations

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Health Canada evaluates data and determines that adding vitamin D to bakery products is safe

Ottawa – Earlier this year Health Canada says it evaluated available data and determined that adding vitamin D to yeast-leavened and unstandardized yeast-leavened bakery products is safe.

Health Canada issued an Interim Marketing Authorization (IMA) to allow for the voluntary fortification of bakery products with vitamin D.

The Baking Association of Canada says Health Canada’s intention is to recommend that the Food and Drug Regulations be amended to permit the optional addition of vitamin D to bread, enriched bread, raisin bread, whole wheat bread, brown bread and unstandardized yeast-leavened bakery products at a level of up to 90 IU per 100 g of bakery product as consumed.

Health Canada says the addition of vitamin D will benefit consumers by providing additional sources of vitamin D and help to increase their intake of the vitamin. It will also benefit the industry by allowing the production of a broader range of products fortified with vitamin D.


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