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Special coverage: 2011 IFT Expo – Part 1

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This year’s IFT is over, and Food in Canada has a roundup of some of the great stuff you missed

New Orleans, La. – The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting + Food Expo took place in New Orleans, La. from June 11 to 14. Food in Canada was at the show, which included more than 100 education sessions and a huge array of exhibitors.

If you missed it, here’s a roundup of just a few of the products we saw. Look for more coverage in upcoming enewsletters. And in case you were wondering, next year’s IFT takes place in Las Vegas, Nev. from June 25 to 28.

Bell Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
• Bell Flavors highlighted its solutions that mask undesirable tastes.

The company offers flavour maskers for several applications such as bakery, soy applications, meats, meatless products, savoury applications.
The company also highlighted its Yumberry flavour. Yumberry is a sweet purple-red fruit, which the company says is the latest superfood.


• Biorigin highlighted its different lines of food ingredients.
Bionis yeast extracts can enhance the original flavour providing more body, mouthfeel and natural Umami enhancement.
Bioenhance taste enhancers are designed to build and elicit a Umami response, with a clean savoury profile and build salty perception without the sodium addition.
Biotaste roasted taste enhancers are developed to provide savoury notes and Umami effect.
Goldcell is a line of yeasts that are light in colour and mild in taste. They’re natural and GMO-free.
Bioguard is a line of cultured dextrose ingredients that can extend shelf life and improve overall flavour.
Biozalt looks, tastes and functions like salt but only delivers 50 per cent of the sodium normally found in salt.
Mannovin increases the aromatic longevity and improves colour stability. It also increases the wine softness and mouthfeel while reducing astringency and acidity.

Dow AgroSciences LLC
• Dow highlighted its Omega-9 Oils Ingredient Solutions.
The company says the Omega-9 Oils Ingredient Solutions are ideal for food manufacturers looking to eliminate trans fat and reduce saturated fat without compromising food quality, functionality or performance.
Omega-9 shortening can improve ingredient labels, maintain or extend shelf life, provide a neutral product flavour, prevent off-flavours due to longer shelf life and lower saturated fat content.
The company also unveiled its Omega-9 Sunflower Oil, which it says is the first oil to qualify for a saturated fat-free claim. It also has zero trans fats and is high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.
The oil comes from Nexera seeds, which were developed by Dow.

Ecolab Inc.
• Ecolab highlighted its Exelerate ZTF high-performance cleaning solution for zero trans fat processing environments.
The company says incorporating zero trans fat oils and shortenings into production can improve the nutritional profile, but the stubborn polymerized soils they leave behind on plant surfaces and equipment are nearly impossible to clean with traditional methods. And zero trans fat oil buildup can cause worker injuries and potential fire hazards.
With Exelerate ZTF processors can reduce the time and labour it takes to remove the varnish-like coatings and residues typical in zero trans fat oils and shortenings environments.
Also on display, was the DryExx Conveyor Management Program that combines a dry lubricant, an engineered time delivery system for precise application and service and training to help drive operational movements.
The company says the unique DryExx formula lubricates better than other wet and dry lubricants to help keep lines running at peak performance.–Beverage-Division.jsf

Emerald Performance Materials LLC
• Emerald featured its Hilton Davis colour dyes, lakes and dispersion products, which are used in foods and beverages.
The company also showcased its Emerald Foam Control, a line of food processing and organic defoamers. Highlighted products included FOAM Blast and KFO defoamers.
Also on display were the company’s Kalama and PUROX brand sodium benzoate and benzoic acid; the Kalama brand potassium benzoate preservatives and flavour ingredients.

Henan Jindan Lactic Acid Technology Co. Ltd.
• Jindan highlighted its L-Lactic Acid, which is a colourless or yellowish liquid and can be dissolved in water in any ratio. It’s used as a sour agent in products such as beverages, pastries and candies; as a fungicide in the brewing and slaughter processes; and as a flavour agent.
Its other products included: L-Ferrous Lactate, which can be used as a buffer, swelling agent, preservative; L-Zinc Lactate, which can replace zinc gluconate and zinc sulfate; Lactic Acid Powder, which can be used to extend shelf life, to add calcium, ; L-Ethyl Lactate, which can be used in imitation cheese, milk , fruit juice, wine and other foods; Potassium lactate and sodium Diacetate blend, which can be used as a microbes inhibitor, a preservative, flavour and pH regulator; L-Sodium Lactate, which can be used as a pH regulator and as a preservative.

Mérieux NutriSciences Corporation
• Institut Mérieux highlighted the creation of Mérieux NutriSciences Corporation.
The new company says it contributes to public health improvements through three divisions: Silliker, BioFortis and BioAgri.
Silliker Inc. provides food safety, quality and nutrition services. BioFortis is the contract research organization dedicated to innovation in nutrition. And BioAgri is a research laboratory in Latin America.

P.L. Thomas & Co. Inc.
• P.L. Thomas highlighted its MenaquinGold Natural Vitamin K2.
Research has shown that vitamin K2 is linked to bone health and cardiovascular health, can ease muscle cramping and increase the body’s use of oxygen.
The company’s MenaquinGold Natural Vitamin K2 is kosher and halal, water dispersible and oil soluble.
The company says there’s only one form of vitamin K that delivers these benefits and that’s menaquinone-7 (MK-7). MenaquinGold is the gold standard for menaquinone-7.
The company also highlighted its Hytolive, a 100 per cent natural solvent-free water extract of olive fruits. It contains a high purity natural hydroxytyrosol, which is the major phenolic compound found in olives and provides a great part of the health benefits of both olive fruit and virgin olive oil.

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