Food In Canada

Handling with care

VersaCold focuses on handling temperature-sensitive products and offers supply chain solutions that include warehousing, transportation, distribution, and logistics

Vancouver, B.C. – If you manufacture a temperature-sensitive food product, you want to make sure it arrives at its destination food safe and fresh.
VersaCold Logistics Services is one of Canada’s largest supply chain solutions company that focuses on the handling of temperature-sensitive products.

The company offers warehousing services with technologies that maintain precise temperature requirements, with advanced inventory tracking systems and the ability to accurately prepare orders exactly when needed. The company has 33 distribution centres across Canada.

The company also offers full temperature controlled, point-to-point transportation services.

Food processors can even outsource their entire supply chains with VersaCold with its 4PL services. The company can take care of IT, warehousing and distribution, call centres and supply chain analysis. The company also offers 3rd-Party Logistics.


When it comes to distribution, VersaCold offers a centralized call centre component, more than 60 sales representatives and can service 10,000 delivery locations per week. The company can manage sales, make and track calls from retailers and process order distribution direct to store.


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