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Hinds-Bock's 32-3P piston filling machine for Horizontal Vacuum Formers can clean fill a wide range of products and comes with other handy features

November 1, 2017   Food in Canada

Specialty Foods

Hinds-Bock, a maker of product filling and depositing machines, offers its Hinds-Bock 3P-32 piston filling machine for Horizontal Vacuum Formers.

The company says it can handle thin sauces or marinades to viscous mash potatoes or deli salads.

The system uses positive shut-off spouts to maintain a clean seal zone.

The 3P-32 can fill from fractions of an ounce to up to 32 fluid ounces per piston. And the machine uses unique PLC controls so it’s versatile enough to run over a one up to a six up package configuration.


The system has moving or diving spouts, says the company, that are used to spread the product and prevent mounds. It also has a self-contained heat system that maintains product temperature.

The company says the system is ideal for for sauces, fillings, soups, value-added entrée items, macaroni and cheese, deli salads, grease and other products. 


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