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New soy protein

DuPont's new SUPRO XT 55 Isolated Soy Protein can replace greater levels of dairy proteins making for a more economical, yet still nutritious and tasty, high-protein beverage

November 1, 2017   Food in Canada

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DuPont Nutrition & Health has debuted its new SUPRO XT 55 Isolated Soy Protein, which is designed to improve the profitability of ready-to-drink, high-protein beverages.

The company says with SUPRO XT 55, manufacturers can replace up to 50 per cent of the dairy protein in beverage formulations, which can mean significant cost savings. SUPRO XT 55 will also not affect sensory performance or protein nutrition.

SUPRO XT 55 can provide a balance between viscosity and protein stability. The product is a high-quality and sustainable source of plant-based protein with the nutrition and health benefits of soy protein.

The company adds that it is equivalent in protein quality to dairy protein.



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