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Environmentally friendly packaging

Cascades has introduced Respak, an eco-friendly alternative to polycoated cardboard

Kingsey Falls, Que. – Cascades has launched Respak, an ecological alternative to polycoated packaging products.

The company – which produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products made mainly of recycled fibres – says Respak is designed primarily for the food and foodservice industries.

Respak is recyclable and compostable, without compromising on the performance and durability characteristics of traditional polycoated packaging.

Well known for its resistance, polycoated cardboard is widely used around the world. Unfortunately, it is not recyclable. Every minute, as much as two tonnes of polycoated cardboard are used, enough to cover the Empire State Building three times per hour, or 72 times a day, says Cascades.

Respak is made from 50 per cent recycled fibres, and has a unique and revolutionary barrier that repels water, oil and grease as efficiently as ordinary polycoated cardboard.

Respak complies with main food safety standards, including those established by the Food and Drug Administration for packaging that comes in contact with dry, aqueous and fatty foods. Respak is also elemental chlorine-free (ECF) and FSC-certified.


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