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The Green Issue: Industry Initiatives

By Food In Canada staff   

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Over the past few years, the environment has become one of the biggest issues facing not only the food and consumer products industry, but society as a whole. As a result, everyone is looking for sustainable solutions – for energy, for fuel, for packaging. Individuals have begun looking at the steps they can take, as well as the companies they choose to support, in attempts to make a difference.

To address this, the food and beverage industry has been changing. Companies are conserving energy, reducing emissions, reducing packaging and partnering with other green businesses in order to be part of the solution.

The food and consumer products industry is committed to environmentally sustainable business practices and are leaders in the reduction and recycling of packaging waste. Industry and manufacturers are taking responsibility for the packaging they use, and for the environmentally responsible disposal, reuse or recycling of these products. The goal is to ensure effective, efficient and sustainable environmental solutions across Canada.

What the Industry Is Doing


Packaging is indispensable to products as it ensures quality and safety, protects during manufacturing and shipping, markets the product and ensures its safe use and handling by consumers. However, the food and beverage industry has taken a number of steps to reduce the environmental footprint of its packaging. Companies have been reducing size and weight, using recycled content and sustainable materials, reformulating products to require less packaging, and participating in recycling programs to divert packaging from landfills.

The challenge companies face is to use packaging that is not only effective – for example, for food safety reasons or for transportation – but that continues to appeal to consumers while at the same time has a minimal impact on the environment.

The Food and Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) is the national industry association in Canada representing the food and consumer products industry. It represents a range of companies, from small independently and privately owned businesses, to large, global multinationals that manufacture and distribute in Canada. The association, on behalf of its member companies, works to further efforts related to products manufactured and sold in Canada while helping to support the long-term health of communities across this country. The FCPC works with government, regulatory bodies, retail and foodservice trading partners and stakeholders to find collaborative solutions on issues of importance to Canadians.

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